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15th-Jul-2010 09:21 pm - Long awaited updates xD
blood grin EATS YOUR FACE

Eiji was featured in the latest Madhatter's magazine thumb through the digital form here.
Digital magazine link

There's an interview for your reading pleasure and plenty of info about the following event:

F.size.free is off to CHICAGO for New Years xD Yeah baby...click the pic for the whole story.

and hey,
join the forums
join the team
do the right thing.

MUAH *kisses* I love ya
15th-Jul-2010 05:42 pm - Hello F.size.free fans/New Mod
blood grin EATS YOUR FACE
I'm mistressyoukai and I'm the new moderator here at the Official F.size.free's Lj community.
I attended his first US gig on May 28th and at the time I was the newest staff member over at Kanzen ni Jrock

I'll keep the place updated as much as possible and I will round up as many members as I can in the process!
good to meet cha!
15th-Jul-2010 05:09 pm - F.size.free first US gig!
May 10, 2010 (Los Angeles) – F.size.free and Kanzen ni Jrock are excited to announce F.size.free's first US appearance on May 28th, 2010 at Tune in Tokyo in Los Angeles, California! Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, F.size.free is inspired by world known artists such as Blondie, Jimi Hendrix and The Who. Using a mix of live guitar, clear vocals and computers to produce his lively, upbeat music, F.size.free can be described as a refreshing 21st century new wave/glam Indies rock version of his idols. His tunes are upbeat and fun, yet strong and very catchy; creating clean and refreshing music that everyone can enjoy.

F.size.free’s first album, entitled Righty Right? gained them early recognition when the song Charisma was used for the Konami arcade game Pop’n Music 12. After releasing the EP, Plastic Love Collection on iTunes, F.size.free played in the UK at the J-Culture Con 2009. The performance had a great reception from fans and attendees alike. The new single EP Crystal Boy, released in March of this year, is also available for purchase on iTunes.

Righty Right? and Plastic Love Collection will be available for sale at the performance on May 28th as well as F.size.free’s iTunes store.


Tune in Tokyo Official MySpace

5th-Jun-2009 11:31 pm - Welcome
Finally a first post. ^-^

Hello and welcome to everyone in this community.
There aren't many users yet, but I'm confident of gaining more bit by bit.

I hope you'll enjoy being around here and participate to get the comm alive.

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